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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win Jaguar Pace Accelerate

Win Jaguar Pace Accelerate

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Jaguar to offer one lucky reader the chance to win Jaguar Pace Accelerate, a gorgeous men's fragrance for Christmas. Created to celebrate the launch of the Jaguar F-Pace family sports car, the best-selling Jaguar Pace is an expression of true masculinity.

Today, there’s only one way to increase the pace… Accelerate. Experience a high-voltage, energy-packed race. Feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Inspired by the amazing speed and the remarkable dynamic of Jaguar sports cars, Jaguar Pace Accelerate is an exciting new addition to the range. Designed for a man with confidence and charisma. A man who thrives on challenges. A man whose fragrance reflects his drive for excellence.

A pure and vibrant fragrance for a high powered man

Jaguar Pace Accelerate

How do you translate the sensation of speed into scent? Precision-engineered by the master perfumer Dominique Preyssas, a high-energy mix of citrus and spices distils pure adrenaline into Jaguar Pace Accelerate.

The fragrance opens with an exhilarating rush of bergamot and mandarin, fuelled by the zesty zing of cardamom. As it gains momentum, a surge of cool spices – aromatic coriander, resinous juniper berry, fresh nutmeg and crisp white pepper – makes the heart beat faster. An unexpected waft of jasmine and lily-of-the-valley adds smoothness to the assertive blend.

In the dry down, Jaguar Pace Accelerate rides on a streamlined wood accord leaving a rich trail of musk in its wake… A dynamic signature for a passionate personality.

Jaguar Pace Accelerate fragrance pyramid

Fragrance family: Woody citrus

Top: Bergamot, mandarin, citrus wood, cardamom

Heart: Coriander, juniper berry, nutmeg, white pepper, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine

Base: Vetiver, musk

A sleek bottle cast in silver, aqua and black

Jaguar Pace Accelerate

To convey the thrilling energy of the new fragrance, the streamlined shape of the iconic Jaguar Pace bottle takes on vibrant, modern tones.

The compact base, embossed with a sophisticated lattice design based on the fabled Jaguar radiator grille, is lacquered in a gradient of silver up the legendary “Growler” emblem, done in silver galvanisation against a red background.

The name of the fragrance is hot-stamped in silver and red. The bottle, in a heavy aqua glass, is crowned with a black-topped, metallic silver cap.

Jaguar Pace Accelerate is available from Marks and Spencer. RRP is £44.00 for the Eau de Toilette Natural Spray.

For information about Jaguar Pace Accelerate click on

For Your Chance to Win

  Tell us what is the
    Jaguar F-Pace

a) A speed boat
b) A sports car
c) A helicopter
d) A motor bike

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us what is the Jaguar F-Pace? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

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Jaguar Pace Competition

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New Bee Venom Sheet Mask from Living Nature

Bee Venom Sheet Mask from Living Nature

If you love sheet masks, but would prefer your skincare to be natural, then you’ll love Living Nature! As the company celebrates 30 years of providing certified natural Manuka Honey skincare to the world, Living Nature has launched a first - new Bee Venom Mask.

This is the first sheet mask from this highly respected New Zealand brand and provides a 100% natural alternative to synthetic masks currently on the market. It’s also the first Living Nature product to include the beautifying benefits of bee venom.

Living Nature’s Bee Venom Mask combines the skin energising properties of active Bee Venom with the natural skin nourishing and rejuvenating properties of organic Manuka Honey and certified organic Coconut Oil. Each mask treatment provides intensive anti-ageing benefits, feeding the skin with vital nutrients, plumping and tightening, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving skin a healthy and youthful glow.

Bee Venom Sheet Mask from Living Nature

Living Nature uses a certified organic cotton fibre paper mask to deliver the bee venom to the skin, which provides a pleasant, warming sensation upon application. Known for its anti-ageing effect, Bee Venom is a complex mixture of proteins with unique pharmacological activity and can be used cosmetically to stimulate the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung and cause the body to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. Bee Venom also aids absorption of other ingredients and allows the mask’s Manuka Honey to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Bee Venom has been used for thousands of years but it’s only in recent times that safe methods of obtaining the venom have been devised. Living Nature’s New Zealand supplier is the first in the world to produce organic Bee Venom, which is harvested in a safe and ethical way. Also rest assured, Living Nature loves their bees, which kindly produce Manuka Honey and Bee Venom and have not, will not and do not condone testing on animals or animal cruelty.

Bee Venom Sheet Mask from Living Nature

Living Nature’s Bee Venom Mask is suitable for all skin types, except those with bee-related allergies. Made in New Zealand from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, it’s pH balanced and free from mineral oils, PEGS and synthetic fragrances.

Like all Living Nature products, new Bee Venom Mask also carries the cruelty-free bunny logo. Elegantly presented in limited edition black and gold packaging, which highlights Living Nature’s 30 year celebrations, each Living Nature Bee Venom Mask comes in its own individual sachet and is available in singles (RRP £8) or boxes of six sachets (RRP £45).

Living Nature Bee Venom Mask is available from select salons and online from and also from 

Soothe Face Oil Wins Award

Soothe Face Oil from Silvan Skincare

Silvan Skincare’s Soothe Face Oil has won a series of prestigious awards including a place in the 2017 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist and last year won the Janey Loves Platinum Award in the oil and serum category.

Soothe Face Oil is a blend of eight organic plant oils rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants with gentle, citrus blossom essential oils. The plant oils, which are blended by hand, have been carefully chosen to calm sensitive skin, nourish dry skin and smooth laughter lines.

Marian Hardiman, founder of Silvan Skincare, is passionate about the benefits plant oils can bring to the skin. Silvan Skincare use the highest quality, organic and sustainably sourced oils to create moisture rich, nourishing and soothing products for face and body. The products contain a range of botanical oils which nourish skin with a broad spectrum of vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Marian’s ethos is to create products that are truly natural and don't irritate or harm the body or the environment. All Silvan Skincare products are formulated without mineral oils, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrance, sodium lauryl sulphate, colourings, or silicones. The packaging mantra is reduce, reuse, recycle. The company looks for ways to reduce packaging and chooses recyclable packaging to send out orders safely.

Soothe Face Oil from Silvan Skincare

The full range of Silvan Skincare products is available online at

Beauty Questions from Sixtyplusurfers Readers

Ask our Beauty Experts Your Questions

Jenny Itzcovitz

In our regular column, Sixtyplusurfers will answer your beauty questions. Feel free to ask us whatever you like and we'll do our best to give you a helpful answer.

Question: Hi Jenny, I'm looking for some sparkly eyeshadow to wear with a new dress for a Christmas party. I don't want to spend too much. What do you suggest? Alice

Hi Alice, thank you for sending in your question to Sixtyplusurfers. Superdrug offers some great sparkly eyeshadows, all at very reasonable prices.

Mua Elysium Elements Eyeshadow Palette from Superdrug

The Mua Elysium Elements Eyeshadow Palette is great value. Available in two shade selections. Choose from the Mauve Palette with Eye Pencil included. Price is £6.00.

Click on

Mua Elysium Elements Eyeshadow Palette from Superdrug

Mua Elysium Elements Palette is also available in a Brown selection set. Price is £6.00.

Click on

Mua Pearl Mono Eyeshadow in Bronze from Superdrug

Superdrug also offers individual sparkly eyeshadow palettes, and this Mua Pearl Mono Eyeshadow in Bronze is just £1.00. Other seasonal shades are also available.

Click on

I hope you have a great time at the party, Jenny

   Ask Sixtyplusurfers
    a Beauty Question

If any other readers have beauty questions or products they would like us to find out about just email

Always seek the advice of a doctor, pharmacist or specialist before following any medical related guidance given on this page.

The editors and contributors of this website are not medically trained and any information provided is for general guidance only and we are not responsible for any problems that might arise from this advice.

Beauty & Hair Styles

Beauty & Hair Care Tips for December
By Jenny Itzcovitz, Fashion and Beauty Editor, Sixtyplusurfers

Sparkly Jumper, picture courtesy of Wallis

Picture courtesy of Wallis

It's December and we can now look forward to Christmas, great parties and all the celebrations and trimmings ahead. But for some of us it can be quite stressful, with presents to buy and wrap, family to entertain and the pressures of socialising when situations can get fraught and over heated. We want to look our best, make things really special, and everyone to have a great time, but there never seems to be the time to get it all ready.

So I've put together my top tips for December about preparing for Christmas, how to feel great and look fantastic, and have a wonderful stress-free time.

Top Tips for December

1. Prepare for Christmas well ahead - The festive season can often be stressful, there is so much to do and the time tends to creep up on us. So this year, don't leave it all to the last minute.

Make a list of the things you need to do in good time. Write a card and a present list and start shopping ahead of the crowds or order online if your prefer. If you are entertaining, start tidying up now and getting rid of some of your clutter. Take some of those old books to the charity shop and start sorting out those Christmas decorations.

On the big day, have as much prepared before your guests arrive as possible. Get the table laid the night before. If there is anything you can make and freeze in advance, such as a dessert, that's always helpful. And don't be shy about asking for help. If grandma or auntie are good at baking, suggest they bring along a cake or some mince pies to share the load. You don't have to do it all yourself.

Keep it as simple and stress-free as possible. And everyone will have a good time. You included!

2. Social situations - For some of us social situations can be a worry, particularly if you are a guest at someone else's party, an office Christmas party or entertaining a busy room of family and friends. Not all of us are confident or full of sparkling conversation. It doesn't always come easy.
If you are sat next to someone you don't know very and the conversation isn't flowing, ask them about themselves such as where they work, what are their favourite films, shows, about their recent holidays, hobbies and music. Keep the conversation light and let them do the talking if you don't feel confident.

Bingo Game from Dotcomgiftshop

If you are in a family situation and you want the mood to be light hearted but the guests have a tendency to argue, have some light entertainment prepared in advance. Try an after dinner board game such as Balderdash, where everyone can join in. Get out the old fashioned Bingo and give prizes for getting a complete line or a full house. Make it fun.

Avoid heavy conversations such as politics, where people tend to have different opinions and there might be the chance of an argument. It's a Christmas party and the idea is to have fun and to ensure that everyone gets along happily together!

The Bingo game shown above is available from Dotcomgiftshop. Price is £23.95.

For details click on

3. Eating and Drinking - Christmas is a time of abundant food with turkey, roast potatoes, pastries, cakes, fine wine and plenty of delicious things to eat, but take care as it's also the worst time to gain extra calories you don't need. Overeating can also give you stomach aches and indigestion and make your day particularly unpleasant.

So keep to the old motto 'everything in moderation' and pace yourself when it comes to eating. If you like to sample most of the food on offer, try eating a smaller portion. Maybe skip the starter if you particularly like the dessert. And avoid covering everything in rich cream, custard or sauce. Not great for the waistline!

Be careful not to overindulge in the wine or spirits, particularly if friends or family are present. You might say or do something you would regret. You won't feel particularly great the next day either!

But above all though, enjoy your meal. Whatever you eat, it's only one day of the year, and you can diet tomorrow if need be.

4. Loneliness - Spare a thought for those who might be spending Christmas alone. If you are having a party and know of someone who would appreciate an invitation, then why not set an extra place at the table.

If you don't tend to celebrate Christmas or have spare time over the festive season, why not volunteer to help at a soup kitchen. Or visit an elderly neighbour and make sure they are not feeling neglected.

If you are feeling lonely and have a hard time at Christmas, then why not phone a friend you haven't spoken to for a long time. Have a chat, arrange to go go out for a coffee and cake together. Somewhere to get you out of the house and be with company. Or if you prefer, invite them over for a pre-Christmas mince pie and a chance to catch up on your news.

5. Exercise and get some fresh air - December is a cold month and for many of us, especially those who are retired, it's easy just to 'stay in the warm' and hibernate in front of the telly. This is particularly bad for your circulation, muscles and joints. It will also make you feel miserable.

Take a walk in the park or visit one of the Christmas fairs or craft shows in your area

Take a walk in the park or visit one of the Christmas fairs or craft shows in your area. Visit a stately home and then treat yourself to afternoon tea when you have finished your walk.

If you live by the sea, have a bracing walk on the promenade. Or do some sightseeing in your local area. Take the children or grandchildren to the park and feed the ducks. The exercise will make you feel healthy and invigorated. And you will feel so much more cheery and happy when you get home.

6. Drink water and stay hydrated - When the weather is colder it's not always so obvious that you are thirsty. So make sure that you are still drinking plenty of water during the day. Tap water is fine as long as you are in an area where the local water is safe to drink. Otherwise try bottled water.

Avoid fizzy and canned drinks as these are often laden with sugar and bad for your teeth. Tea and coffee are a great way to keep hydrated when it's cold, but both are laden with caffeine, so make sure you are also drinking fresh water during the day, and not downing cup after cup of tea.

Fill a few water bottles from the tap or treat yourself to a few sports water bottles, and put them in your fridge. Then you can keep one handy beside you while you are reading the newspaper, working on your laptop, doing the ironing, vacuuming or taking a walk, and it will remind you to have a drink.

Lack of water can give you headaches, make you feel dizzy, and worse still - give you bad breath. So make sure you drink regularly, whatever the weather!

Chilly's Water Bottle

Chilly's offer a great range of water bottles in a selection of sizes and fashionable shades. These revolutionary reusable water bottles will keep your water ice cold for up to 24 hours. And you can use them while you are out and about as well as in the home.

For details click on

7. Take care of your hair - Now is the perfect time for a visit to the hairdresser, especially if you have a few parties planned. Have a trim or a tidy up. Refresh your colour if you tend to have a tint or have greying roots. Or try something new - and then you can make a really special entrance at your party.

If you want a special look for a big day, then don't forget to book an appointment well in advance to avoid disappointment.  It's lovely to wear your hair up, or have it curled or styled if you have a new dress and want to look really special.

Babyliss Glamour 2289U Waves Hair Tong from Boots

If you tend to go out a lot, you can also treat yourself to a set of heated hair curlers or tongs. Use them to create romantic curls and volume in your hair to make it look really special.
This Babyliss Glamour 2289U Waves Hair Tong from Boots is a great buy for just £20.45. It has an extra large 38mm barrel which is perfect for creating soft, natural waves and has with 5 digitally controlled heat settings, so that you can adjust the temperature to suit your hair type.

For details click on

8. Festive makeup - Staying indoors in the colder weather can make us look tired and pasty. So make sure you wear makeup, even just to go to the shops, so that you are always looking your best.

Your makeup bag should include a good foundation, concealer, blusher, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and nail varnish. And if some of it is getting old and past it's sell-by-date, then treat yourself to a few new products as a Christmas treat.

Even if you don't normally wear a lot of makeup, if you are wearing a nice dress to a party, it looks so much better if you have applied some pretty lipstick and mascara. It only takes a few minutes. And people will tell you that you are 'looking well'.
9. Look after your hands and nails - We can be so busy getting ready for Christmas that it's easy to neglect them. I recently had a manicure and would highly recommend it if you get a chance. However, if this is not something you can afford, keep your hands soft with a high quality hand cream and maintain your nails with regular filing and shaping.

Nail varnish will protect your nails and help you to grow them. It also looks really extra special for Christmas. Look out for pretty festive shades and sparkly polish. I would also recommend using a clear top coat to put a shine on your nails and help the colour stay in place without chipping.

Dazzling Nail Polish Trio from Marks & Spencer

Check out the gorgeous range of nail polish from Marks & Spencer. I particularly like this Dazzling Nail Polish Trio which includes three beautiful shades of pink. Price is £10.00 for the set.

For more information about Marks & Spencer click on

10. Look after your teeth - People always tell us to smile and be happy, but if you neglect your teeth, then you won't feel confident smiling.

So make sure you visit your dentist and hygienist regularly to keep them healthy and clean. Take any advice if you need help or have problems.

Between visits, look after your teeth with regularly brushing. And use dental floss and mouthwash to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

11. Take time for yourself to relax - If you work hard, have a busy job, look after your grandchildren, do a lot of entertaining or housework, make sure you take some time for yourself every day.

Put your feet up at the end of the day and unwind with a good book, your favourite music, television programme or a jigsaw puzzle and give yourself a break.

Badedas Original Bath Gelee

Soak in a lovely hot bubble bath and just let the worries of your day melt away. Then get a good night's sleep.

Try Badedas Original Bath Gelee for the ultimate in luxury. This gorgeous bubble bath gives you plenty of bubbles, turns the water a soft green and gives a feeling of relaxing in the forest among the chestnuts. Available from Boots. RRP is £4.59 for 300ml.

For more information click on

12. Take off your makeup at the end of the day - When you're tired and all you want to do is go to bed, taking off your makeup is something that you might tend to forget. But leaving greasy foundation and makeup on your skin can be very damaging.

Boots Fragrance Free Simply Sensitive Micellar Water with aloe vera

One of my favourite products is Boots Fragrance Free Simply Sensitive Micellar Water with aloe vera. It's lovely and gentle and a great way to take off makeup at the end of the day.

Apply using cotton wool to dry skin. Sweep over your skin and closed eyes. Do not rinse. Price is just £1.99 for 200ml.

For details click on

For the sensitive eye area and removing mascara and eyeliner, I would suggest L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. Dab a little on a cotton wool disc and remove any traces of eye makeup. You'll find it in Sainsbury's and all good chemists.

And this month as a special treat for December we're offering one lucky reader the chance to win
Jaguar Pace Accelerate, a gorgeous men's fragrance for Christmas.
Have a fabulous Christmas.

Jenny x

Metallics Hair
Brush Collection

Rock & Ruddle’s Metallic Hairbrush in Mermaid Shimmer

With perfect timing for winter and the festive season, this collection of designer hairbrushes will appeal to everyone wanting beautifully shiny, healthy hair, whilst staying on trend this season.

Rock & Ruddle’s new Metallic collection offers four new colours; Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold and Mermaid Shimmer and is available in two sizes, large (£30) and handbag-sized which is ideal for packing light when travelling or out and about (£20).

Rock & Ruddle’s Metallic Hairbrush in Rose Gold

Rock & Ruddle’s quality boar bristles are strong and resilient, have a natural stiffness that means that they brush the hair thoroughly and yet don’t pull as they are drawn through it.

Rock & Ruddle’s Metallic Hairbrush in Gold

They have microscopic scales that release and drag the sebum (natural oil) that is produced in the scalp distributing it along the hair making it shiny and healthy looking

‘It’s like a blow dry in a hairbrush!’ one sweep through your locks and you are left with soft shiny hair.

Rock & Ruddle’s Metallic Hairbrush in Platinum

For more information visit the Rock & Ruddle website at

Beauty Treats from Marks & Spencer 

Purple Jewel Foam Bath from Marks & Spencer

Treat yourself to the fabulous range of toiletries and beauty products from Marks & Spencer.

Purple Jewel Foam Bath
is the ideal indulgent treat for a relaxing bath. Perfect for yourself or as a Christmas gift.

Relax with this luxurious foam bath which is scented with a pretty floral heart and warming notes of star anise and amber. Pour a generous amount under warm running bath water.
Price is £15.00 for 500ml.

Rose Mug Gift Set from Marks & Spencer

This pretty Rose Mug Gift Set will make a lovely present for Christmas. With the fragrance of English Rose, these luxury hand and body treats will leave your skin feeling cleansed, soft and beautifully scented.


The set includes Shower Cream (50ml), Hand & Body Lotion (50ml) and a rose patterned porcelain mug. Cellophane wrapped with a neat little bow. Price is £9.50.

Autograph Lasting Colour Quad Eyeshadow from Marks & Spencer

Give your eyes a bit of sparkle with Autograph Lasting Colour Quad Eyeshadow.

Offering a crease resistant finish, these four pretty shades give great colour impact with a lasting and smooth finish. Neatly presented in a handy compact. Price is £10.00.

Nail Quad Kit from the Twiggy for M&S Collection

This eyecatching Nail Quad Kit from the Twiggy for M&S Collection is a great buy for Christmas.

An exclusive selection of stunning nail lacquers with gel effect in four carefully chosen shades, it reflects the personality, style and distinctive femininity of today’s woman.

Each product has been created by Twiggy herself. The nail polish is easy to apply with a gel-look effect. Price is £12.50 for the set.

Fragonard Miniatures Perfume Gift Set from Marks & Spencer

If you're looking for a fragrant gift for Christmas, this sumptuous Fragonard Miniatures Perfume Gift Set will make a lovely present.

Beautifully packaged in a flower decorated gift box, the set includes three lovely small perfume bottles in a gilded set.

The bottles and tops are in the original floral shapes for the fragrances and include Etoile, Emilie and Diamant. Price is £22.50.

For more information about Marks & Spencer click on

Festive Beauty
Gifts from Amway

Artistry™ Supreme LX™ Collection from Amway

Amway offers a delightful selection of beauty products, makeup and festive gifts for Christmas this season.

The new Artistry™ Supreme LX™ Collection empowers skin to act up to an astonishing 15 years younger. The root of skin ageing is found in rhythms – the body’s natural biorhythms, to be exact. When synchronized and energised, skin functions properly and looks its most youthful. Yet as the body ages, these rhythms fall out of step.

Comprised of two formulas – Artistry Supreme LX™ Regenerating Cream (£313.75) and Artistry Supreme LX™ Regenerating Eye Cream (£154.20, the collection is infused with the most groundbreaking Artistry™ skincare ingredients and technology to date, to deliver equally revolutionary results.

“The Artistry Supreme LX™ Collection is luxury skincare like none other from the Artistry™ brand,” says Vice President of Global Beauty Maud Pansing. “The results are striking – after using these incredibly luxurious formulas, women told us their skin looked younger, firmer and better than it had in years.”

Advanced cellular research led Artistry™ scientists to understand that a comprehensive reduction of visible ageing begins within the skin’s 24-hour biorhythms. This finding fuelled the discovery of a plant-based catalyst that could prompt their resynchronization, to help regenerate the youthful appearance of skin.

As part of their global research, Artistry™ scientists consulted with a world-renowned botanic research centre and global leader in plant science. More than 300 plants from every corner of the world were meticulously evaluated before Artistry™ scientists selected a stunningly beautiful – and powerful – species, Gardenia Grandiflora.

“Inside this exquisite flower’s stem cells, we discovered properties that allow it to flourish in even the harshest climates” says Director of Global Technology Discovery Paul Seehra, Ph.D. “Then we collaborated with a world-leader in botanical research and plant science, which used an exclusive biotech process to distill Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cells into a pure, stabilized elixir. This powerful extract helps resynchronize skin’s natural biorhythms and boost its ability to renew its natural, youthful energy.”

Both Artistry Supreme LX™ formulas harness the regenerative powers of these Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cell Extracts. Exclusive CellEffect24 Complex complements the Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cell Extracts and helps enhance skin’s ability to energize itself. This next-generation technology is opulently enriched with 24 Karat gold, which provides optical light diffusion to impact the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; patented Cardiolipin and L-Carnosine, which help energize skin cells.

Harvested from Amyway’s own organic Nutrilite™ farms; Green Acerola Cherry Extract, an antioxidant that helps protect skin from environmental aggressors; patented Nutrilite™ Spinach Leaf Extract, which helps boost skin’s natural ability to repair itself; and Rhodiola Complex, which helps resynchronize skin’s natural biorhythms.

“CellEffect24 Complex is a powerful blend of highly efficacious and exclusive ingredients,” adds Seehra. “Instantly and over time, our formulas containing this multi-phase technology replenish, energize, repair and protect skin so it looks and performs more like it did when it was younger.”

In fact, a laboratory test of the Artistry Supreme LX™ ingredient blend, including both CellEffect24 Complex and Gardenia Grandiflora Stem Cell Extracts, showed a boost of skin’s Energy Index by 68 times when compared to untreated cells.

Elegantly engineered packaging showcases the Artistry Supreme LX™ Collection. Jewel-like metallic gold finishes add sophistication and hint at the precious ingredients inside. The Artistry Supreme LX™ Regenerating Cream cap closure even features 24 facets, signifying both the 24 Karat gold infused in the formula and the 24-hour cycle of the body’s biorhythms, the inspiration behind CellEffect24 Complex. Tops of closures show the inner facets, mirroring the effects of a sundial and also paying homage to the resynchronization story.

“From form to function, this new generation of luxury skincare embodies the discovery and invention that sets the Artistry™ brand above and apart,” adds Pansing. “By empowering skin to act up to an astonishing 15 years younger, the Artistry Supreme LX™ Collection answers the call of women everywhere. As we witnessed in studies, the results speak for themselves.”

Light Up Lip Glosses from Amway

Light Up Lip Glosses are real head turner from Amway. These beautiful lip glosses are presented with a mirror on the side which lights up on application.

Designed with comfort, convenience and effortless elegance in mind, the ingenious built-in mirror and flattering LED light will help you to achieve your signature look by day or by night.

Available in 8 stunning shades, it’s never been easier to light up your world with colour. Price is £19.00 each.

Artistry™ Flora Chic from Amway

Amway also offers a delightful selection of fragrances, Artistry™ Flora Chic was developed by the prestigious Fine Fragrance House of Givaudan, located in Paris, France and New York City. A global leader in fragrance creation, its perfumers have designed the world’s most sought after scents for more than 250 years.

The exclusive combination of notes was inspired by the legendary Les Jardins De Bagatelle in Paris. There, amongst thousands of roses perfuming the air, the perfumer’s imagination was sparked to create a modern blend of florals scents with a note of sparkling citrus.

Notes include French Clementine with a top note of sparkling citrus with hints of mandarin floral and sweet orange freshness. Bulgarian Rose, the middle note and heart of the fragrance, at once soft and deep, sensual and sweet. The base note is Ylang Ylang Madagascar, a fruity, sweet creamy floral, with exotic and earthy undertones.

Artistry™ Flora Chic is presented in a unique stylish bottle, designed with care to every detail by worldwide creative director of Select World, Olivier Van Doorne. The bottle’s cap alone is composed of twenty individual components, and crafted with the personal touch of twenty-eight artisans. Price is £53.30 for 100ml.

Aqua Eau De Toilette HYMM for men from Amway

Amway also offers Aqua Eau De Toilette HYMM for men. This contemporary eau de toilette is inspired by the ocean with natural simplicity and authentic masculinity.

The fragrance opens with a splash of Sea Water accord, energizing Grapefruit and Lemon. The heart reveals a natural, authentic and marine freshness with a blend of Sea Salt, Lavender and Violet Leaves.

The base of Patchouli, Lorenox and Cedarwood enriches the creation with a casual masculine sensuality. Price is £28.25.

About Amway products

Amway™ products are sold exclusively through a network of more than three million Amway distributors worldwide.

Please visit for more information or to locate a distributor.

Christmas Gift Sets from Urban Veda

Soothing Body Ritul Gift Set from Urban Veda

Award winning natural skincare brand, Urban Veda offers 24 new Christmas gift sets to suit all budgets. Based on ancient Ayurvedic principles, Urban Veda have developed four ranges that are each matched to meet your skin type and needs based on your dosha.

Urban Veda ranges use a bespoke selection of natural ingredients designed to suit different skin types, which in the principles of Ayurveda are associated with ‘doshas’. This is the Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies within the mind and body.

The ranges are Radiance (suited best to the Vata dosha) Purifying (Kapha) Soothing (Pitta) and the Reviving range for (Tri-Doshic types). Gift set overviews as follows with varying price points and products, unisex and ideal for all the family, all the below are available in all four of the ranges, are natural, certified vegan and cruelty free.

The collection includes:

Body Ritual Set (£29.99)

The complete skincare hero pack! Containing our full size Body Lotion, Body Scrub and Body Wash, up your skincare game and shower routine and give the gift of good skin.

Bath and Body Set (£21.99)

Spruce up the skin with this bodycare duo including a full size Body Wash and Body Lotion.

Facial Cleansing Duo (£22.99)

One for the cleansing fanatics containing the full size Daily Wash (size) and Hydrating Toner.

Discovery Travel Set (£19.99)

Radiance Discovery Travel Set from Urban Veda

Perfect for any traveller, our complete set of Discovery body and facial ritual products. Containing Facial Wash (20ml), Facial Polish (20ml), Day Cream (10ml), Body Scrub (50ml), Body Wash (50ml), Body Lotion (50ml).

Discovery Body Ritual Travel Set (£11.99)

Perfect for that secret santa gift, including discovery sizes of the Body Scrub (50ml), Body Wash (50ml) and Body Lotion (50ml).

Discovery Facial Ritual Travel Set (£11.99)

The perfect stocking filler, including discovery sizes of the Facial Polish (20ml), Facial Wash (20ml) and Day Cream (10ml).

Purifying Facial Ritual Travel Set from Urban Veda

The gift sets are available to buy from Urban Veda at