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Sixtyplusurfers Competition

Win Monotheme Pompelmo

Win Monotheme Pompelmo from Marks & Spencer Beauty

Sixtyplusurfers has teamed up with Marks and Spencer Beauty to offer one lucky reader the chance to win Monotheme Pompelmo, a zingy and bright fragrance delight.

Master Italian perfumers Monotheme, introduce a gorgeous new fragrance Pompelmo. Uplift your senses with refreshing Pompelmo, an effervescent Grapefruit fragrance leaving you smelling fabulously fresh.

A native from the sunny Barbados, Grapefruit is one of the seven wonders of the Caribbean islands and represents vitality, energy, and a positive spirit. Fresh and sparkling like the fruit, this fragrance opens with a cascade of effervescent citrus nuances, which in turn encounter a heart of elegant flowers that subsequently embrace the intoxicating musky touches at the base.

Monotheme specialises in fine fragrances with a contemporary take on traditional perfume formulas. Created by master perfumier Lorenzo Vidal, the fragrances are complex and authentically Venetian.

Did you know, the smell of pink grapefruit can fool people into thinking you’re younger than you are? Scientists tested a range of scents on a model in her 40s and asked 50 strangers to guess her age. According to neurological director Alan Hirsch, pink grapefruit has the greatest impact on a man’s perception of a woman’s age, with the majority of men believing the model was six years younger than her true age.

Monotheme Pompelmo from Marks & Spencer Beauty

Monotheme Pompelmo is exclusive to Marks & Spencer Beauty. Price is £22.00 for the 100ml Eau de Toilette.

For more information visit the website at

For Your Chance to Win

    Tell us what is
    Pompelmo the
   Italian word for

    a) Peach
    b) Lemon
    c) Apricot
    d) Grapefruit

  To Enter the Competition

Tell us what is Pompelmo the Italian word for? Then send in your answer, together with your full name, postal address and telephone number by clicking on the Sixtyplusurfers link below:

* Please label your entry Monotheme Pompelmo

* This competition is open to
our UK readers only


Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer

Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer

Introducing new Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer, offering the colour of a lipstick, the shine of a lip gloss and smoothness of a balm. Achieve the perfect lip look without compromise with one of eight Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer shades.

In the silver screen era, Mr. Max Factor’s pioneering spirit saw him create the first ever lip-gloss called Lip Pomade to enhance lips on camera. Now in 2017, Max Factor brings a make-up innovation to today’s beauty world with Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer, a lip product designed to deliver multiple benefits for a sophisticated, grown up lip.

Available in eight shades, from nudes to corals, pinks and reds, women can perfect their lip looks by creating high definition, photo-ready looks in one application of their chosen Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer.

“A lacquered lip look can be tricky and time-consuming,” says Pat McGrath, Max Factor Creative Director. “It used to involve everything from creating a smooth texture on the lips with a moisturising lip balm to create an even surface, to powdering over tissue to create a Velcro effect for strong colour. Now, I have Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer, so I’m able to create the same lip look in a matter of minutes.

“This is a product that offers a bridge between a lipstick and a gloss, which is great when you want to create a bold lip look with little effort. Usually, a lacquered lip constantly needs looking after and touching up. It can smudge, go in your hair and slide over your lip line but Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer is a hard-working, multi-tasking product without any of the fuss.”

Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer is exclusively available in 8 shades at Boots and RRP is £9.99.

For more information about Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer visit the website at

Beauty Questions from Sixtyplusurfers Readers

Ask our Beauty Experts Your Questions

Jenny Itzcovitz

In our regular column, Sixtyplusurfers will answer your beauty questions. Feel free to ask us whatever you like and we'll do our best to give you a helpful answer.

Question: Hi Jenny, I'm looking for a lovely fresh shower gel to help me wake up and get started for the day. Is there anything you can suggest? Amelia

Hi Amelia, thank you for sending in your question to Sixtyplusurfers. I would recommend Superdrug Fruity Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel.

Fruity Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel

With a lovely tangy citrus aroma, it's the perfect way to help you get ready in the morning and make you feel energised for the day ahead.

It has natural lemon and tea tree extracts with added skin conditioners. Price is 99p for 250ml.

For details click on

Florentyna Shower Crème from Marks & Spencer

If you prefer something floral, Marks & Spencer offers this gorgeous Florentyna Shower Crème.

This rich luxurious shower crème will cleanse and soften your skin. It has top notes of gardenia blended with a harmony of jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossom and subtle musk undertones. Price is £4.00 for 250ml.

Click on

I hope this helps kick start your day, Jenny

   Ask Sixtyplusurfers
    a Beauty Question

If any other readers have beauty questions or products they would like us to find out about just email

Always seek the advice of a doctor, pharmacist or specialist before following any medical related guidance given on this page.

The editors and contributors of this website are not medically trained and any information provided is for general guidance only and we are not responsible for any problems that might arise from this advice.

Beauty & Hair Styles

Gemma Atkinson's Beauty Secrets

Gemma Atkinson from Strictly Come Dancing with Sharon Hilditch MBE, MD and founder of Crystal Clear

Gemma Atkinson from Strictly Come Dancing with Sharon Hilditch MBE,
MD and founder of Crystal Clear

The UK’s favourite dance show, Strictly Come Dancing is back for a new season, and leading skincare brand Crystal Clear is making sure that contestant Gemma Atkinson’s skin looks every bit as dazzling as her costumes.

Gemma has chosen the brand’s hottest new skin treatment, COMCIT™ H20 Glow, to maintain her dance-floor appeal with a glow-inducing boost of cryo oxygen and hyaluronic acid.

Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops

COMCIT™ H20 Glow is Crystal Clear’s most intense hydration treatment yet, delivering a concentrated boost of freezing cold oxygen to the skin to nourish and invigorate skin cells.

At the same time the COMCIT™ roller creates hundreds of micro channels in the skin to allow a moisturising hyaluronic acid based skin infusion to reach deep down into the skin, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

Crystal Clear Skincare 10 Minute Glow

The result is Gemma’s skin is looking beautifully plump, hydrated and dewy with a natural radiance to the complexion.

Perfect for taking skin from drab to fab or for a pre-event refresh, Crystal Clear COMCIT™ H20 Glow costs from £75.00 for a 60-minute treatment and is available in salons throughout the UK.

For more information about Crystal Clear visit the website at

For stockist details call 0844 774 3941

Revolutionary Balm Reduces Thread
and Spider Veins

Couperose, Spider Veins and Thread Veins

Are you one of over 4 million Brits suddenly discovering that your skin seems more sensitive than normal? Have you recently noticed those red veins marring your face? Whether it's linked to the sudden and drastic change in weather or to circulatory problems, age, pregnancy, sun exposure, and obesity, baring your legs or even paring back on makeup will be the last thing on your mind this season. Now an innovative and unique, all in one balm is set to launch in the UK that reduces the appearance of Couperose, Spider Veins and Thread Veins, with results in just one week with a twice a day application.

Developed by Swissforce Pharma AG in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Couperose & Thread Veins Balm (30ml), £24.95 from is a fast, effective, long lasting and unique blend of ingredients such as concentrates of red vine leaves, roses, gingko and calendula, along with purple-red algae, Swiss cress, soy protein extracts, and Crystal Mint. Enriched with Shea butter, Panthenol (Provitamin B-5) Rice bran oil and Vitamin E acetate, this high quality balm:

· Reduces the appearance of skin redness, couperose, thread and spider veins

· Calms and soothes and deeply nourishes the skin

· Increases skin resistance to reddening and flushing

· Reduces the sensitivity to triggers that cause flushing

· Acts like a toner by regulating skin function

· Tried and tested formula

Couperose, Spider Veins and Thread Veins

This unique formula is Manufactured in Switzerland to high quality standards with these ingredients:

· Concentrate from red vine leaves, roses and gingko It is a phyto-complex that improves the overall tone of the skin and reduces the visible appearance of redness, and of spider or thread veins.

· Concentrate from Calendula Immediate, effective and long-lasting moisturizer; calming and soothing.

· Swiss cress and soy proteins extracts Creates an even skin tone and prevents photo-aging.

· Purple-red algae extract Minimizes the appearance of couperose, skin redness and spider veins, it acts as toner by regulating the skin function.

· Crystal Mint Perfect for illuminating the skin and giving a flawless even-toned appearance.

To use, simply apply morning and evening after cleansing, on the skin areas to be treated.

Couperose & Thread Veins Balm has a tried and tested formula against Subtype 1 Telangiectasia, (small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin and skin redness). In clinical trials, of 22 females tested in the demographic 35+ years, 81% saw a reduction in skin redness after 7 days, and 77% saw a reduction in the intensity of visible blood vessels, with two applications a day.

After 28 days use 91% saw a significant reduction in skin redness and a more even skin tone, 82% saw a reduction in the intensity of visible blood vessels, 95% said they would like to continue to use the balm and 91% said they would buy it.

With an estimated 45 million sufferers worldwide, and celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Rene Zellweger, Lisa Faulkner, Prince William and actress Cynthia Nixon all being sufferers of Rosacea, there is no discrimination between men or women. It is still not known what causes Rosacea, however experts have identified several factors that commonly link sufferers. In terms of age, more women than men between 30 and 60 years of age seem to develop it, and most commonly after the menopause or hormonal fluctuations.

Other triggers can include UV damage, genetics (family members), stress, hot & cold weather, humidity, spicy foods, alcohol, fragranced skin care products and even strenuous exercise. The primary signs of Rosacea are a flushed inflamed skin, which can be intermittent in the early stages. More persistent redness resembling sunburn is the most common sign. Small bumps or pimples often develop, similar in appearance to acne, but leave no scarring. Small blood vessels are also a common visual sign. The redness can be accompanied by a burning or stinging sensation, even itching.

Couperose, whilst similar to Rosacea with the red complexion being a common characteristic, is classed as a different condition. The visible flushed appearance is caused by the presence of bright red capillaries that occur because of the poor elasticity of the capillary walls. The classic symptoms of Couperose are a dry and tightening of the skin on the cheeks, nose and neck. Rosacea is different as it is more inflamed with visible bumps, and has been known to occur on the neck chest, scalp and even the ears.

Spider Veins Spider veins are small, twisted blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They may be red, purple, or blue and most often appear on the legs or face. They take their name from their striking spiderweb pattern.

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of the skin and look like fine red, or sometimes purple, wiggly lines. They appear because of weak or damaged valves in the veins mostly due to hormonal changes. Around one in five women in their 20s have thread veins, a figure that rises to around half by the age of forty and continues to increase. By the age of 70 over 70% of women have some thread veins.

Tried and Tested by Jenny Itzcovitz

I tend to get a few thread veins and redness around my nose, and tiny red patches on my chin, so I was delighted to try Couperose & Thread Veins Balm.

Easy to use, squeeze a tiny amount of the pale green cream on to the back of your hand and apply on the affected area. The cream is pleasantly fragranced and is absorbed quickly. Then apply your make up on the top. You can also use it in the evening after cleansing, before bedtime.

Gentle and soothing, the redness around my nose has improved dramatically and the red patches on my chin are slowly reducing. I will continue to use this gentle cream and highly recommend it for anyone with rosacea and redness on the face.

Couperose & Thread Veins Balm by Swissforce® (30ml), £24.95 is available to buy now from

Twist and Spritz

Twist & Spritz from The Fragrance Shop

We all have a signature fragrance that we turn to for special occasions, holidays, nights out, or simply to relive the wonderful memories it evokes. However, it can be a real pain carting around a 100ml bottle of your favourite scent, especially moving into the summer season when your are out and about, at a restaurant, a guest at a wedding, or at a tea dance.

Now thanks to Twist & Spritz, £10, The Fragrance Shop ( you can now transport your much-loved perfume into a handy and chic 8ml atomizer, in a range of 18 gorgeous shades.

The perfect "your fragrance anytime, anywhere", the Twist & Spritz filling system makes it incredibly easy to fill from a wide range of bottles in just two steps. Beauty addicts can simply remove the inner bottle from their Twist & Spritz, before placing the valve over the exposed nozzle of the fragrance bottle.

Twist & Spritz bottles hold 8ml of fragrance, which equates to 100 sprays, guaranteed to last your whole holiday, wedding or festival.

Twist and Spritz comes in 18 fashion-forward shades, with a high-shine metallic finish, and slim, sleek design. For the fun-loving festival goer there are hero shades including purple, light pink, blue, green and red.

For the discerning traveller, there are sophisticated precious metal inspired hues of polished silver, gold and trend led rose gold.

For more information visit the Fragrance Shop website at

Pantene Pro-V
3 Minute Miracle
Hair Conditioner 

Pantene Pro-V 3 Colour Protect Minute Miracle

Thanks to Pantene - the world’s Number 1 hair care brand, the “miracle” conditioner that has transformed the hair of over 25 million women worldwide is making its way to the UK. Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle has the power of a deep treatment in the form of a daily conditioner, repairing the look of up to three months of damage in just three minutes and leaving hair free flowing, bouncy and looking full of life.

Formulated using Pantene's latest conditioning technology, this intense daily conditioner includes the antioxidant histidine to reduce oxidative stress while the formula with lipids nourishes and strengthens the hair’s core and spreads evenly along the fibre.

The targeted treatment can read and respond to different levels of damage, focusing on areas that need repair while any excess rinses away without residue or weigh-down.

Pantene Pro-V 3 Volume & Body Minute Miracle

Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle also features up to 2x more conditioning ingredients than regular Pantene conditioners, providing superior hair smoothness and shine, while helping prevent split ends and frizz.

Pantene Pro-V 3 Repair &  Protect Minute Miracle

Pantene Principal Scientist, Dr. Jeni Thomas, explains how the technology in Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle is able to transform hair,  “Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle works with Smart Technology which spreads evenly along the hair fibre, quickly releasing microrigid actives, which identify areas in need of repair.

Pantene's new ingredient, histidine, then penetrates the hair fibre, reducing oxidizing minerals and helping hair stay strong from the inside. The result is soft and shiny hair without the ‘weighed down’ feeling.”

The transformational technology within Pantene 3 Minute Miracle has led it to win 10 prestigious innovation and beauty awards.

Pantene Pro-V 3 Smooth & Sleek Minute Miracle

Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is available in four variants to target all your hair needs; Repair & Protect, Smooth & Sleek, Volume & Body, and Colour protect. RRP is £2.99.

For more information about Pantene Pro-V 3 and other Procter and Gamble products visit the website at  

Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation

Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony

Max Factor introduces Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation: better for skin than wearing no makeup at all, thanks to an intelligent formula that offers 24-hour hydration, SPF20 protection and shine control, Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation provides a semi-matte finish while fighting against daily stress factors to ensure a flawlessly fresh look.

Max Factor creates modern, glamorous and innovative make-up that enables women to create their own personal glamour statements every day. Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is designed for the dynamic daily lives they lead; whether it be rushing to a business meeting, travelling to the airport, or catching up with old friends after work. With Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation, any woman can feel as confident on the go as the moment she put her make-up on.

The skin’s ability to recover from environmental and lifestyle stressors can worsen with age. Women need help from products to support their skin’s radiance throughout the day. With Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation, skin will look as healthy and radiant in the afternoon as it did when make-up was first applied at 8am, no matter your skin age.

“Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is a blendable,
medium-high coverage liquid foundation,” says Dr. Victoria Fraser, Director of Scientific Communications at Coty.

“It is a hybrid make-up product containing a combination of technologies specially designed to adapt to stresses over the day. 24 hr hydration is balanced with oil absorbers to control shine, while SPF20 helps protect skin from the effects of the sun - making this foundation better for your skin than not wearing it. Infused with skin-loving ingredients and available in 16 shades, this is a foundation that offers a natural, semi-matte finish for that just applied fresh look; all day.”

“All make-up artists know that the stresses and strains of the day can cause a make-up look to become tired and dull looking, so a versatile product like Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is brilliant because it acts as a perfect base for any make-up look,” adds Pat McGrath, Max Factor Creative Director

“This is a foundation made with a hydrating and protecting formula, so it works for you all day. It’s a product that makes my life much easier, as I can be sure that the make-up look I have created will stay in place.”

Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation is available in 16 shades at Boots and RRP is £14.99.

For more information about Skin Harmony Miracle Foundation visit

Brush Your Way
to Super Smooth Skin with ARK

ARK Massaging Body Brush

Retinol Body brushing is one of those beauty rituals that we should commit to doing daily but falls victim to our busy lives. The benefits are endless – detoxifying, riding skin of dry patches, smoothing cellulite and even banishing ingrown hairs, so if there’s one purchase we should be making, it’s a good body brush! Thankfully, British brand ARK Skincare are here to help with their brand new Massaging Body Brush (RRP £15), the perfect tool for achieving glowing, smooth skin!

The perfect ally in your body brushing regime, this clever tool has a dual action with massage nodules and bristles that work together to shed dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal, resulting in smoother and brighter skin. The combined brushing and massage action aids vascular blood circulation which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, and can also prevent ingrown hairs, whilst leaving skin feeling invigorated.

While you can dry brush before bathing or showering, you can also use the brush as part of a dedicated body regime. Just remember to always brush in the direction of your heart. Start at your feet and work up the body using upward strokes. Brush the abdomen and chest in clockwise sweeps and pay special attention to the back of thighs and buttocks, which are prone to cellulite. Aim to use for a minimum of 3 minutes, 2-3 times a week!

Body Brushing Routine

Enhance the effects of your body brushing by following with a cold shower or at least a quick blast, which will shock your system and get it working into overdrive, aiding detoxification.

Next, switch to a lovely hot shower to boost circulation, lathering up with the ARK bodybeautiful Vitality Hand & Body Wash (RRP £28). Packed with sea minerals, coconut and shea butter, it maintains the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier, gently cleanses without irritation and conditions the skin’s surface.

All the while, the 100% natural fragrance of palmarosa, rosemary and clary sage along with soothing ylang-ylang, jasmine and mimosa will boost your mood.

ARK bodybeautiful conditioning oil

Finish with the award-winning ARK bodybeautiful conditioning oil (RRP £35), ideal for use with body massage to lock in essential moisture. A combination of sacha inchi seed, abyssinian and sweet almond oil provide antioxidants, soften and condition the skin leaving it nourished and radiant. The 100% natural fragrance transforms your regime into a spa-like experience thanks to an expertly blended combination of over 25 essential oils.

A creamy-sweet, floral heart of Rose, Jasmine and Orange Flower with a hint of green and soft citrus notes in Mandarin, Lemon and Patchouli, is peppered with Cinnamon, Clove and Bay Spices. Precious woods and resins of Rosewood, Labdanum, Frankincense and Myrrh finish the fragrance perfectly enveloping you in a warming, soothing glow.

All the products are available to buy from